Finding a Trustworthy
Financial Advisor

The course that could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and drastically narrow your search for a financial advisor. All taught by a former financial advisor that doesn't want you as a client.

Wouldn't it be amazing if every trustworthy financial advisor had to wear a red and white hat to identify themselves to you? Wouldn't that make selecting one much easier?

Well, unfortunately, there's no secret society where all of the trustworthy financial advisors meet and put on identifying hats or get secret tattoos.

But if I told you that I could drastically narrow your search for a financial advisor and help you select someone you can actually trust with your hard-earned money you'd be interested, right?

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Are you here for any of these reasons?


You have no idea if you actually need a financial advisor. When's the best time to get one? How much money should you have? What questions should you be asking yourself? Is there a less-expensive option to a full-fledged financial advisor?


You're struggling to find out how much you should be saving for retirement. Should you be saving 15% of your income? Do you need to have $1 million to retire comfortably? Where should you be investing the money?


You've heard some bad things about financial advisors. Should you find someone that's a fiduciary? What's a fiduciary? How do you know if a financial advisor's out to take your money? How do you spot a scam?


You don't know how someone becomes a financial advisor. Do they need to have a special degree? Do they need to pass a specific test? Can every financial advisor do the same thing?


You don't know the first place to start researching financial advisors. What's the best website to perform a search? Should you look for someone with a specific financial designation? Should you take recommendations from family and friends? Where can you find complaints against financial advisors?


You're concerned about how financial advisors make money. How do these fees affect your balances over time? Do all financial advisors make commissions? How much money do they actually make? Is there a compensation method that's best?


You're intimidated at the thought of interviewing financial advisors. How do you know if they're lying? What questions should you ask them? How many financial advisors should you interview? How do you go about making the final decision?


Did you audibly should out, "That's me!"? Well, you're in the right spot.

Did you know that a 1% annual fee paid to a financial advisor could end up reducing your account balance BY MORE THAN $130,000 over a 25-year time period if you're investing $1,000 a month?

So What Do You Get In This Course?

Over four hours of in-depth videos with step-by-step guidance on how to find a trustworthy financial advisor. If you'd prefer text, I've got you covered. All videos are transcribed and the full text is included in each lesson.

A detailed, printable worksheet to help you gather the information needed to select and interview a trustworthy financial advisor.

A professional, unbiased financial coach eager to help you find the right financial advisor to help you with those tough, but important financial questions.

A private forum made up of individuals just like you where you can bounce ideas off of them and they can cheer you on throughout your journey!

Access to the affiliate program where you can earn a 30% commission on sales of the course to your family, friends, and even random people on the street. Now that will certainly help you save more for your retirement!

Full access to the class 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. You'll also get all future updates at no extra cost!

Course Breakdown

Section 1:
Why You May Need a Financial Advisor

How can an advisor help you achieve financial freedom? In this section, we'll discuss the many reasons you may need the services of a financial advisor. We'll even discuss why you may NOT need a financial advisor, at least not right now.

Section 2:
Why Some Financial Advisors Get a Bad Wrap

When you think about a typical financial advisor, what do you picture? Do you picture a car salesman like many others? In this section, we'll discuss why the financial advisory world sometimes gets a bad wrap and how you can make sure you avoid the issues that have plagued others.

Section 3:
The Financial Advisory World

How does one become a financial advisor? Is it easy or complicated? In this section, we'll discuss the educational background and licenses needed to become a financial advisor in today's world. The truth may surprise you.

Section 4:
Researching Financial Advisors

Discover detailed websites to search for financial advisors in your area. We'll also discuss what to look for in your search. What qualifications should a financial advisor have? Which financial designations are important? Do they work with people just like you or do they take just about anyone?

Section 5:
How Financial Advisors Make Money

One of the scariest topics in your search for a financial advisor will be how they're compensated. In this section, you'll learn about how some financial advisors earn commissions. You'll also find out the many other ways financial advisors can be compensated.

Section 6:
The Initial Meeting

Once you've narrowed your search down to a few financial advisors, you need to interview each one to determine which one you want to work with. In this section, you'll learn about the questions you should be asking and the answers you should be hearing.

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My name is Adam Hagerman and I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Accredited Financial Counselor® dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom. As a full-time financial coach, I talk to individuals about their finances day in and day out. My pledge to you is that you won't find any ads, articles sponsored by financial companies, or affiliate links on this site. I want to make sure you have the knowledge needed to achieve financial freedom without having to guess if I'm making money off of what I'm talking about.

What Others Are Saying


"What started out as a financial health check prior to many big life events ended up as an incredibly valuable financial education that helped position my family for financial success. We have been able to financially plan a wedding, buy a home, and plan for a growing family in the future, all because of Adam."

- Dan W.


"Adam is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is able to break down his concepts in an easy to follow way for your progression and success. He truly listens to what I need to say, pinpoints my areas of improvement and sets me on the right track. You will not be disappointed. You'll only question why you didn't commit sooner!"

- Nathanael R.


"We had just moved in together and wanted a way to split the bills, save for vacations and a house, and still have money for personal use. Adam gave us great suggestions that allowed us to do all of this. Now, we even save enough money to go on multiple vacations a year! Adam is trustworthy and understanding and his guidance has been of great benefit for us."

- Giancarlo P. & Shaun J.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this course for? Will I benefit from it?

If you're actively looking for or currently working with a financial advisor, then this course if for you. This course will give you step-by-step guidance on navigating the process of finding a trustworthy financial advisor and also help you determine if your current financial advisor is ripping you off. You'll learn the language and discover the questions you should be asking.

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Are you going to give me a list of trustworthy financial advisors?

Nope. This is YOUR decision. You should never let anyone make this crucial decision for you. Your finances are different than all others. This course will help you drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to find a financial advisor. If you're looking for individual recommendations (i.e. the easy way out), this is not the course for you.

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What if this course doesn't help me?

I truly believe that the information in this course will drastically reduce the stress involved in finding a trustworthy financial advisor. However, if you do not agree, I will gladly refund your purchase within 30 days of purchase.

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How long will I have access to this course?

How does FOREVER sound? This course is self-paced which means you can take it at any time and in any place with an internet connection. As long as you remain a member of this site, you can take it once or multiple times over.

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When was this course last updated?

This course was updated in August of 2017 and will continue to be updated on an as-needed basis. Members always receive those sweet updates for free.

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Is this course mobile and tablet friendly?

Yep. This site is fully responsive so feel free to view it on your cell phone, tablet, PC, Mac, hologram machine, etc.

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This course is will provide you with everything you need to locate and interview a trustworthy financial advisor.

It's a no-brainer if you want to...

  • Know when a financial advisor is necessary and what kind of financial advice you actually need
  • Determine how much you should be saving for retirement
  • Find the best websites to locate financial advisors in your area
  • Determine how financial advisors are compensated and determine which method is best for you
  • Learn what's necessary to become a licensed financial advisor

So again, what are you doing down here at the bottom of this page?

Start building a financial legacy you can be proud of today!