The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom


Let me guess. This is the 102nd 103rd personal finance site you’ve visited on your quest to find that “one key technique” that’s going to magically make your money grow.

Do you want to stop searching and make a commitment to better your finances right now?

What would the future you want you to do?

OK. If you've read this far, you’re committed. Let’s continue.

When you think about your finances, how many questions pop into your head? Five? Ten? Fifteen?

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions:

  • “Should I save for an emergency fund before I start paying extra on my debt?”
  • “How much should I save for my kid’s college fund?”
  • “Which debt should I pay off first? The one with the highest interest rate? Should I pay $25 extra on each one?”
  • “Will I ever get out of debt?”
  • “What should I be saving for retirement?”
  • “Which credit card should I get to improve my credit score?”

Dang. Even I felt overwhelmed writing all of that.

But how do you answer all of those questions?

If you're like most others, you’re probably thinking about doing a little bit of everything.

You’re going to attempt to save a little in your savings account. You’ll pay a little extra on all of your debts. You’re going to increase your retirement savings by 1%.

All of that seems admirable, but you’re not going to get much traction. You’re going to get frustrated with the results in just a few, short months.

So what's the problem with that plan?

It lacks energy.

You see, when you attempt to focus on multiple aspects of your finances, you can never fully devote the time and effort each piece truly needs.

If you continue to try and devote your energy to multiple aspects of your finances, you're not going to gain much traction.

However, if you can prioritize those tasks and focus on one at a time, the results will be much greater.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Accredited Financial Counselor®, I've helped hundreds of individuals and/or families just like you prioritize their finances and get much greater results than they ever have before.

It's time to achieve your most desired financial goals without the frustration.

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom are an easy-to-follow and prioritized way to achieve financial freedom.

Here are the steps you'll follow:


Step 1 - Determine Your Financial Goals

Step 2 - Understand Your Money

Step 3 - Create Your Budget

Step 4 - Save a Little Cash

Step 5 - Take The Free Money

Step 6 - Attack and Eliminate Your Debt

Step 7 - Save Some More Cash

Step 8 - Save For Retirement

Step 9 - Redefine Your Financial Goals and Achieve Financial Freedom


*     *     *     *     *

Ready to Start on The Path to Financial Freedom?

I've seen too many people attempt to take shortcuts on their journey to financial freedom only to find themselves back in the same place they were five years ago. Don't be that person. Get on the right path today!