Holiday Budgeting Tips

Holiday Budgeting Tips To Help Keep More Cash In Your Wallet

Use these holiday budgeting tips to stay on track this holiday season and come out of it with no new debt and more money in your pocket.

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12 Questions About Money To Ask Yourself Today

Are your finances headed in the right direction? Here are 11 questions to ask yourself about money to help you find out.

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Stories About Getting Out of Debt

21+ Motivational Debt Free Stories You Need to Read

Learn how 21+ individuals and families attacked their debt and came out on top.

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budgeting for the holidays

Budgeting For The Holidays Needs to Happen Early

Budgeting for the holidays can be tough. It’s sometimes very reactionary. Use these tips to help make budgeting for the holidays much easier.

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Monitoring Your Checking Account Balance Is NOT a Method of Budgeting

You walk up to the ATM and put in your bank card. After entering your PIN number, you hit the “Balance Inquiry” button. The receipt spits out, you grab it and read that there’s $925 left in your checking account. You say to yourself, “OK, I have $925 left in my account and that needs…

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Review Your Previous Spending With a Personal Income Statement

You’ll specifically use this article in Step 2 of The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. However, it’s beneficial in all steps. Find yourself saying, “Where is my money going?!?” How long has it been since you last reviewed your spending? Last month? Last year? A past life? Checking in on your previous spending can truly…

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