Separate Savings Accounts For Separate Goals

Do you find yourself saving a little money only to see it dwindle away over time? Do you attempt to save for financial goals but always seem to fall short? Do you have money saved up but no idea what it’s for? If any of those sound familiar, then I have the perfect solution for you. Give Your Money a Job…

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Holiday Budgeting Tips

Holiday Budgeting Tips To Help Keep More Cash In Your Wallet

Use these holiday budgeting tips to stay on track this holiday season and come out of it with no new debt and more money in your pocket.

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Money and Relationships – Talk Money With Your Honey

When it comes to money and relationships, it takes a team effort. Use these 8 tips to help you start taking money with your honey today.

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12 Questions About Money To Ask Yourself Today

Are your finances headed in the right direction? Here are 11 questions to ask yourself about money to help you find out.

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Stories About Getting Out of Debt

21+ Motivational Debt Free Stories You Need to Read

Learn how 21+ individuals and families attacked their debt and came out on top.

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best things to sell online

Best Things to Sell Online to Generate Some Cash Flow

If you’re struggling to build your emergency fund or pay off debt, selling some of your stuff can help you kick start your financial plan. Find out the best places to sell your stuff.

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budgeting for the holidays

Budgeting For The Holidays Needs to Happen Early

Budgeting for the holidays can be tough. It’s sometimes very reactionary. Use these tips to help make budgeting for the holidays much easier.

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How Long Will It Take To Eliminate Your Debt? Use This Get Out of Debt Calculator and Find Out

One of the biggest hurdles that people face while eliminating their debt is the commitment that it takes. For most of you, eliminating your debt isn’t going to be some stroll in the park. It’s going to take time. Things are gonna have to change. You and your family will have to learn to live without some…

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Debt Elimination

Debt Elimination – What’s Your Battle Plan?

Not only does being in debt suck in a general sense, but it also sucks your money away in the form of interest payments. Debt elimination should be one of your top financial goals. If you’ve finally come to that same conclusion (and I hope you have), you’re probably itching to get started attacking your…

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How Much Is That Debt Costing You?

Have you had that “holy crap!” moment regarding your debt? You know, it’s that point where you say, “What the %#!& have I been doing?” If you have, I’m hoping that you’ve taken the steps to start attacking your debt like crazy. If you haven’t had that moment, I want to get you to utter that phrase…

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