Quick Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

Save money shopping online by following these steps every time you start shopping. You can receive discounts and even cash back on your purchases.

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Financial Rules of Thumb Should Make You Angry

Financial rules of thumb are simply generalizations and not for everyone. Here’s why you should avoid them and how to make sure you’re doing what’s right for YOU.

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Project Your Income and Expenses Using a Daily Budget

Living paycheck to paycheck is rough. Learn how to project your income and expenses into the near future and break the vicious cycle starting today by using a daily budget.

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Which Expenses Should I Cut

Which Expenses Should I Cut First?

Reducing your expenses is a great way to get started on your journey to financial freedom. Find out which ones you should be focusing on first and learn how to reduce them.

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Personal Finance Articles

Calculate Net Worth: What You Own Minus What You Owe

Learn how to calculate your net worth and why it’s important to know it. Included is a downloadable spreadsheet and a software recommendation.

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Smart Financial Goals

Setting Smart Financial Goals Is a Key First Step

SMART financial goals are a key first step in your quest for financial freedom. Learn how to create ones you’ll stick with.

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Start Big By Creating an Annual Budget First

When you’re creating your budget, it’s best to plan for the long term first. Accomplish this by creating an annual budget first. This will help you plan ahead for variable expenses.

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Emergency Fund Definition

Emergency Fund Definition: The Do’s and Don’ts

The definition of a true financial emergency changes from person to person. Find out what your definition needs to be if you want to have financial success.

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Should I Do My Own Taxes?

Should You Do Your Own Taxes or Hire a Professional?

“Should I do my own taxes?” is a question that should be asked more often than it is. My previous experience as an IRS auditor will help you determine if you should do it yourself or seek the advice of a professional.

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Separate Savings Accounts For Separate Goals

Do you find yourself saving a little money only to see it dwindle away over time? Do you attempt to save for financial goals but always seem to fall short? Do you have money saved up but no idea what it’s for? If any of those sound familiar, then I have the perfect solution for you. Give Your Money a Job…

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